Investment Funds
All of Grosvenor’s Funds have Sustainability at it's core. In each fund, risk and financial analysis is developed hand in hand with the assessment of pre-defined ESG KPIs.
Discipline is key: an investment opportunity that makes financial sense, but does not meet our ESG standards, is not approved by the Investment Committee.
ESG approach mitigates operational and financial risk at a portfolio level, generating value, and enables more robust, resilient and attractive companies, that have a more lasting and more positive impact on the environment, society and governance practices. 
Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation Fund

The Sustainable Innovation Fund invests in innovative Portuguese companies with strong leadership, certified by the National Innovation Agency (ANI), that present hard to replicate competitive advantages.
The investments can be made through various financial instruments and the investment process is grounded on a strict risk management policy, supported by an integrated ESG approach.
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